Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Generate Quality Prospects… and Convert Them to Qualified Clients!

Your ability to find qualified prospects is the lifeblood of your real estate business. Coupled with converting those prospects to qualified clients… lead generation is probably the most profitable task you can factor into your schedule.
It’s not an understatement to repeat how strong lead generation skills mean the difference between success and failure in the real estate market — between the years 2006 and 2010 the NAR membership ranks decreased by over 200,000 REALTORS…how did the ones who survived make it?  I have listed 3 topics below that may help you to understand.

A solid lead generation program (to include a data base management system) can help you increase your ability to create a steady stream of clients who convert into satisfied customers. Think of lead generation as a planned and continuous cycle rather than a single event.

1. Data Mine Your Book of Business- (BoB)
Keeping in touch with past clients is essential to a strong lead generation program.
·        Are your past clients going through a life change which will affect their housing situation?
·        Are any of them looking to downsize?
·        Have they welcomed a new addition to their family?
·        Reach out to let them know you’re available to help with their housing needs. Stay in touch by creating hand written notes with simple calls to action like, “How much is your home worth?” While we’re often bombarded with online messaging, personalize hand written mail can help you stand out to consumers.
Receiving one or two referrals from these notes could cover your marketing costs while closely connecting you with new clients.

2. Farm Your BOB
Whether your Data Base is based on geography or your relationships, it’s important to identify your ideal “farm.”
It is important to establish brand identity with-in your data base and develop professional trust based relationships.
For someone to refer you they must know you…like you…and trust you… make them trust you using #3 …read on.
3. Offer Useful “Items of Value”
Create a customer for life by providing valuable insight on the local housing market.
·        Once a month send an informational piece to your database…something that’s valuable to them and related to real estate and their property values.
·        Buffini and Company is a  great resource for monthly IOV’s to send to your data base Book of Business (BoB)
·        When meeting with prospective clients, even rookie agents will be able to tell the sellers how much their home is worth…. Plus today’s consumers have access to many online tools to help determine their properties estimated value. It’s crucial to show them how a true real estate professional can provide pinpoint pricing, a detailed marketing plan and suggestions on how to get the highest price in the shortest amount of time using knowledge gained through past experience.

·        Take it a step further and provide your clients with a printed professional market analysis including the most recent market activity reports for their area. Keep in mind the key things sellers are interested in: #1 the value of their home, #2 how long will it take to sell, and #3 what are you going to do to get it sold.. Tailor your marketing to these 3 points and you’ll capture the seller’s attention by providing them with the information they want to know.

Final Thoughts: Top-producing agents know they must have a strong branding presence in their local market to consistently achieve results. Although the market is constantly changing, the need for a consistent lead generation program remains a necessity. By following these steps, you can brand yourself as the real estate professional in your market area, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to potential buyers and sellers.


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