Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coaching Five Tips to Increase Your Business Today!

Here are five sure fire fixes to jump-start a sluggish business!

1. Stop being a slave to your cell phone/PDA –

I see agents who I seriously think would pass out if their phone rang and they didn’t answer it…What this behavior does is get, (and keep), you serious off track all day long.

Imagine being in the middle of writing your five hand written notes from your calls the previous day, when a seller calls to ask why they have not had a showing in 5 days, and to tell you about a neighbor’s home which just came on the market for $5,000 more than they are asking…after you spend 15-20 explaining (yet again) how they are priced at the very top of the market and how the neighbors home is updated and doesn’t have blue shag carpet and lime green counters (likes their home does) plus has 500 more square feet …you hang up and you’ve forgotten what you were doing…

Don’t be a slave to the phone …set expectations during initial meetings with clients and prospective clients of when you will return their calls. Record a voicemail that sets those same expectations …Then you control when it the best time to return the call …This way you are in control …Use technology as a time saver, not a time waster.

2. Look for innovative new ways to get in front of more people-

Think outside the box …join groups of like minded people and build relationships. Contact your service providers and build a mutual referral relationship with them. Referrals should be a two way street with your vendors …
You Both Give …And You Both Get!

Schedule Home buyer/Home seller seminars for evenings or weekends …do them at your office or at the community centers for the neighborhoods where you have active listings. (or want to have active listings!)

Start a group or club …what are your hobbies or interests where you could attract others to join in … Do volunteer or charity work …my motto has always been “Give Till It Feels Good”!

3. Focus more on the “business” side of your business-

Have you been guilty of letting someone “fall through the cracks”?  Optimize your results by giving more focus and effort on not only looking for new business …but following up with those already in your pipe-line. Don’t be like the dog who finally catches the car and then doesn’t have a clue what to do next. Have an “action plan” pre-designed for every new prospective client you capture …find a need …then fulfill it.

4.  Get “personal” with your relationships-

Build relationships by sending items of value, particular to the individual, and always go the next step by asking “the next question”. Discover their goals and a personal want/need … (Remember to use “F.R.O.G.” when building rapport. Talk about Family, Recreation, Occupation, and Goals then utilize the INTEL when selecting items of value to send).

5. Protect Your Reputation (At All Costs)-

Building a highly regarded, honest, and caring reputation is one of the keys to long term success in real estate. Be seen as The REALTOR they can trust, unequivocally, without question.

Never tarnish your honor, never go back on your word, and always treat others better than you want to be treated …better yet, discover HOW THEY want to be treated, and then treat them that way!

Now that is getting “personal” !!!!

                                       Eddie Brown ©2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last Thing Your Client Remembers

Coaching – The Last Thing Your Client Remembers…

Your clients’ impression of your abilities as a REALTOR …Is directly related to the last thing they remember about you!

As it always is and will be ...
a hundred "at-a-boys" can be nullified by just a single "oh-crap"!
What your clients will remember about you most ...is the last thing (positive or negative) you did. No matter how diligent you were in the process or how hard you worked for them throughout the transaction, if the last memory is a negative one, the relationship will sour.

This is why I stress with my associates and coaching students to always be "on" when you are with your clients. Never let up or relax around them ...one moment of indiscretion could ruin a hard earned relationship forever.

What areas do most associates need to focus more attention??? A good place to start looking is the closing table and post closing follow-up.
Let's start with the settlement ... the days leading up to the closing are the most stressful for sellers and buyers alike. A call five days out ...three days out ...and the day before the closing to calm fears and to answer questions will go a long way with any client.  The five minutes you take to chat with them may be the best time spent during the relationship... and let’s not forget the clients reticular activator is still active during this time period ...remind them how you do business by referral ... ask the question ..."who do you know who may be thinking of buying or selling"

At the closing ...the biggest coaching tip I can offer is ...BE THERE!!!! Get to the closing at least 10 minutes early and talk with your clients answering questions or calming fears. Unfortunately, over the past few years, I've seen a growing trend where some agents are not attending their closings

REALLY!!?  ...Guys, think about it …this is our PAY-DAY …and you don’t show-up …what kind of signal does that send?...don't be fooled, the client is privy to how much the Brokers are getting paid from the HUD1 settlement statement...and I have overheard rumblings at dinner parties how the individual couldn't believe their agent didn't have the courtesy to show up at the closing after they had paid them over $10,000 ...(What a horrible last impression!) ...

Also be aware the clients reticular activator completely shuts down the minute the client starts to unpack their first moving box, so immediately after the closing is a great opportunity to get a referral.

The next step is where 80% of agents fail ...Post Closing Follow-Up ...My personal M.O. was to learn the clients’ favorite food and beverage and bring it over to them the afternoon of the move in. I would stay and offer about an hour or so of my time ...(I became very proficient at putting together beds and hanging draperies)!

Another good tip is while you are there lending a hand ...find out an interest or a need they have for their new home, and take the idea forward to find the perfect "personalized" closing gift for them ....but not so fast...wait 30-45 days and do a pop-by with the gift...by then they will be mostly settled and will want to show off their newly decorated home... it won't be as hectic as closing day and the gift will actually have more meaning because you actually put some thought behind it ... (instead of those "cute" birdhouses you have given your last 25 closings).  
That “Caring” stuff is a funny thing! IT WORKS! Novel Idea Huh?

What is the last thing your clients remember about you from your last transaction?
Was it "memorable"? Or was it something they will probably never forget ...but you are praying they will?

Eddie Brown ©2011