Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Microwave And A Crock Pot Walked Into A Real Estate Office…

I almost don’t know how to write about this subject but I see this issue so often I feel compelled to put something out so you will not fall into the same trap I’ve seen others in.

In the early 1960’s the West Bend Company developed an electric bean cooker called the “Bean Pot”. This early electric slow cooker resembled a crock-pot which rested on a warming tray. In 1971 The Rival Company introduced the more modern era Crock-Pot slow cooker…

As families changed and more women went to work outside the home there came a need for a faster way to cook meals for the family…Enter the Modern Microwave Oven…Few people know the Microwave Oven was actually invented before the crock-pot…14 years before to be exact!

The microwave was discovered accidentally by Dr. Percy Spencer in 1947 while working on a Radar related research project for The Raytheon Corporation. The first microwave dubbed “The Speedy Weenie” was 5 ½ feet tall and weighed 750 pounds… By 1975 the renamed “Radar-Range” was outselling conventional gas ovens in Japan almost 2 to 1…

So what does Crock-Pots and Microwaves have to do with Real Estate?

The crock-pot method of growing your business is the slow and steady growth of your book of business where the Microwave method is the mythical “Get Rich Quick Method”!

Unfortunately I see many Associates perceive Real Estate as a get rich quick business, and in the period of 2000-2007 it became reality for a lucky few. Unfortunately …many have since learned what worked then …seldom does now. There are no easy buttons, elixirs, or magical pills to miraculously transform you into a real estate “millionaire”.

There is a more methodical approach to growing your business needed for today’s market. The formula for Success:
·         First you need daily focus on your prospecting activities to a book of business with long term growth in mind.  
·         Next you will need to broaden your focus slightly creating short term written business plans looking at 2 day, 2 week, and 2 months goals.
·         And lastly, having a Coach or accountability partner to keep you focused and on track will lead you to your success goals.

Winning the day, the week, the month, and the year is the crock-pot approach to business growth in real estate. Slow and steady wins the race.

Hang in there and stay focused on the basics …building relationships based on trust and care.

Eddie Brown ©2011

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