Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Are You Ready for The New Year?

25 Days Left Until 2017... Are You Ready?

340 days of the calendar year 2016 has passed, and unless you believe 2017 will bring you a Power Ball win… you need to stay focused on our goals.

The first step is to write down what you want to accomplish by January 1st 2017…

Step 2:  As the Warden said to Cool Hand Luke “You got to get your mind right”…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y28pFJqDkkU&feature=fvwrel

Self-accountability is imperative for reaching short term year end goals…data base management systems and activities have been covered in other blogs http://icu-coaching.blogspot.com, but you must learn to hold yourself accountable to do the things which will help you to reach your goals.

Adopt a referral based mindset and “data mine” your Book of Business to discover who are the individuals most likely to help you reach your new goals…then start a system of contact and care to “train” them to begin to notice those around them who could use your professional services.  Remember, your objective is to become their resource for everything real estate related.

Consider the following flow for your initial contact:
First:  Get personal / build rapport

Second: Discuss their real estate needs (Discover a need … “find a problem…fix a problem”)

Third: Ask for referrals (Who do you know who is currently thinking of buying of selling real estate?); it is critical you ask for business.http://icu-coaching.blogspot.com/2012/06/are-you-asking-for-referrals-or-just.html

Step 3: Get a System… this is a very important step. So many agents we coach never had a system to manage their prospecting activities…not having a system to tell you when to contact, who to contact, the type of contact (written, electronic, voice to voice, or face to face) , and a system to track what your last activity with them consisted of…is an open invitation for your prospects to slip between the cracks…and slip away!

 Step 4: Contact every A and A+ contact in your B.o.B. every month. -Examples include: Items of Value, Postcards, market updates, newsletters, just- listed cards, just-sold cards and charitable notices. Always refer them to your website. Also, offer them free reports on how to increase the value of their home, how to build wealth investing in real estate, how to stage their home, etc. Become their “go-to” person for everything real estate related!  When considering “Items of Value” make sure it holds value to each individual …the same Item of Value sent to everyone in your B.o.B. will not be seen as “valuable” …know the individual so well that you know what they find valuable.

Step 5: Use hand written notes as the foundation to your prospecting system. -In this high technology world of e-mails and form letters, it is important to still maintain a personal touch . A simple way to do this is to send out a handful of handwritten notes each day. Almost every hand written note you send will be read...there is no bigger bang for the buck than a hand written note. Use them and watch your response rate soar!

Step 6: Develop an attitude of gratitude with your Book of Business…when you receive a referral go over-board thanking them… keep them updated on the disposition of the referral and when it closes thank them again!

When contacted regularly and enthusiastically your past clients and center of influence people will be some of your strongest sources of business. You will be able to consistently obtain quality referrals from these people in any type of market. Focus on providing great service to them, and the leads you receive in return will be the foundation of your business.

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas Holiday!

Eddie Brown ©2016