Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Setting Goals and How to Achieve Them

The Coaching rules for achieving success rarely change….
Although an individuals perceived  definition of success or failure may change as you reach a milestone….or a pitfall.

For example: Do you think a homeless individual who obtained a job paying $40,000 a year which enabled them to rent a home to shelter their family would define themselves as successful?

Or on the other hand, would a person whose income dropped from $250,000 to $40,000 due to the bad economy, (which forced them to sell their home and then rent)…should they consider themselves a failure?

What about the person who reached their income goal this year…what happens if they don’t do even better next year… will they still feel successful? The point is…everyone’s definition of success is different.

Success is: The ability to first recognize opportunity…secondly to form a plan to leverage said opportunity… and third to develop the skills necessary to execute the plan.

Be Decisive- Every decision you make in life alters your final destination…Go after your goals with conviction. You will never find your true potential until you push yourself past your comfort zone.

Stay Focused- Focus can be like a magnet…a powerful force which pulls you toward your goals…without focus success is fleeting!

Have Written Goals- What gets written gets done! An unwritten goal soon becomes a figment of your imagination…and like umbrellas and pens almost always ends up lost.

Involve trusted people around you- Shorten your learning curve by involving others who may have more experience or knowledge or someone who has already achieved the goal you desire.
Surround yourself with good people…My Father once said to me “If you want to see your future…look at the people you associate with”… you become who you associate with…It’s like when playing golf, you tend to perform better when you partner with someone who plays a few steps above your skill level…you rise to the challenge!

Welcome the inevitable failures- A key to future success is to learn from your own mistakes…Don’t be naive about the benefits of failure …it forces you to slow down long enough to re-group, re-adjust, and re-set your plan.

Into every plan an occasional grenade will be lobbed…goading you into quitting…giving up. This is where true success lies…by refusing to lay down and expire …your persistence in the face of failure will be the true measure of belief in yourself!

Bottom line is you have to expect to get a few dings here and there as you pursue your goals. Learn from the experience and don’t fear the unintended failure…Letting fear ride shotgun is not always a bad thing…just don’t let it take the reins and run your plan into the ditch.

Lastly Take Action- You can’t “hitch-hike” your way to success…because it comes dressed in overalls and looks a whole lot like hard work!

Unless you take action, life will become a string of missed opportunities and you will never attain the goals you desire. All Success Comes Down To Execution!

Today is the day to plan, focus and take action on the activities required to reach your goals…tomorrow may be too late!

Eddie Brown ©2011

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