Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Facebook a Money Maker …Not a Time Waster!
In today’s internet driven society it is impossible to ignore the influence of online social networks.
75% of Americans and 83% of Canadians with internet access are now on Facebook.
Facebook has a worldwide membership which exceeds 600 million active users and is becoming the preferred form of communication for the 18-34 year old age group. The next generation of first time buyers!
Age 50+ are the fastest-growing group of social networkers…
Using Facebook to stay top of mind with your Book-of-Business is a strategy which could help you generate more leads, but like with many ...it could become a black hole where hours of your day are sucked into.
While on Facebook make your communication matter…Make it meaningful to a wide audience and make sure your sources are credible. Avoid posting trivial details of your life …like where you ate breakfast.
Also avoid polarizing topics like politics or religion, and depending on where you live …possibly even sports teams!
Using Facebook to market listings or brag about sales could cause you to appear less than genuine …it is far more effective to sell softly and gently remind people how you can help them.
Mind your personal reputation …Limit the amount of personal information that you share…some clients may get the idea you are not working hard enough for them if you are constantly posting about beach trips and golf outings. Watch the hidden meaning behind photos you post …a seemingly innocent photo could become offensive to some.
Also monitor your friends comments on your wall and “tagging” you in their photos …a wild wedding party and a disposable camera can ruin a reputation in a flash!
Think of Facebook as just one more way of communicating with your Book-of-Business ...a way to establish yourself as a valuable resource in the community.
Eddie Brown ©2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harnessing Your Energy

Harnessing Your Energy
In the real estate industry you become your most valuable asset!
Systems, Dialogues, and Presentations are all important, but if you are not sound mentally, physically, and emotionally …your business will suffer. In order is grow a strong and profitable business, you have to learn to harness your energy.
The quantity and quality of your energy are a key determining factor for your success.
The definition of energy:  “The ability or capacity to do work or to produce change …the intensity of your actions.”
Think about it …When you feel well rested and have a purpose for your day and all your priorities are getting done, don’t you feel more energetic? I know I feel fantastic when I have enough energy left at the end of the day to do something fun with my family!
Energy Drainers: Fear and Worry, Indecision, Drama, Poor Physical Condition. And Lack of Direction can be energy suckers.
Energy Givers: Positive Mental Intake, Positive Associations, Regular Nutritious Meals, Alignment of Values, and Written Goals all with build and restore energy!
Energy Sustainers: Tracking Your Progress, Visual Anchors for you Goals, Consistency, Time Blocking, Taking Regular Breaks, and Accountability will each in their own way sustain your energy stores for use when you need it.
Look at your own energy level and what threatens it …how can you get more out of the energy you already have and just as important …how can you harness and store more energy for later use?
Eddie Brown ©2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As I sat inside the Progress Energy Performing Arts Center last Sunday waiting for my oldest daughters’ high school graduation ceremony to begin, my mind started to wander across the past 18 years. The day she was born was second only to the day I married her Mom, and yes, I admit, I cried at the tiny miracle of life I held in my hands.

As she grew older there were, as with every child, great times and not so great times … and then there were times when my wife and I asked ourselves … “Whose idea was it to have children again”? Then 18 years later … there I sat, with tears in my eyes once again as they called her name and she walked across the stage to receive her diploma.

After the post graduation celebrations and when things finally calmed down I went into the attic, walked over to the box where we keep mementoes from each of our children’s childhoods, and I opened the lid to my oldest daughters box. The last time this box was opened was on her 16th birthday, where we took out a few treasures to use as props for her party.

This time I was there to look for a particular item …. After a few moments of rummaging through the box I found what I was looking for …a journal my daughter kept when she was young. As I thumbed through the book and read some of the things she had written and laughed at the pictures she had drawn, I came across a particular entry which drew my attention …

The date was August 18 2001 , This period of time was particularly memorable for me because it was just after my daughter had returned home from a 10 day stay at Duke Hospital for a serious life threatening illness. My wife and I had spent the entire 10 days at her side while she endured numerous tests, probes, and needle sticks …pretty traumatic stuff for an 8 year old… (and for her parents as well).

On this date in her journal my daughter had written… “Daddy stayed home from work today and he took me out for chocolate ice cream. Best day ever!”

My heart dropped as I read this line I suddenly remembered the day 10 years ago as if it was yesterday … Including her stay in the hospital, she was out of school for over a month … so my wife and I took turns staying home with her …(well mostly her Mom and I was just the “sub”) …As the pages blurred from the tears streaming down my face I remembered about how I was thinking the day was a total waste and how I got zero work accomplished for the entire day …my perception then. But in my 8 year old daughters eyes, the simple gift of time and a cone of chocolate ice cream created the perception as her “best day ever”!  

TIME is valuable …Oftentimes more valuable than all your riches combined.
Time is also a vanishing commodity, once passed you will never get it back…
Spend your time like money …WISELY! 

Love can often be spelled T-I-M-E … An hour playing ball with a child, a visit to an elderly parent …or a pop-by visit to a past client or friend can show how much you care. Show your family, friends, and your clients how much you care by giving your undivided attention while with them.

I can never bring back August 18, 2001 …except in my memories …How many other “wasted” days did I perceive lost, which could have been remembered as my “Best Day Ever”?

Eddie Brown ©2011