Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Are You All In?

If you believe your real estate business is built on relationships…
Then make building them your BUSINESS!

Are you “ALL IN” in your business and with each and every client you work with? If not you need to ask yourself these questions:

1.     Why do I choose to be Part-Time in my business?
2.     How is not being “all in” affecting my lifestyle?
3.     What will it take for me to be “all in”?
4.     Do your client perceive you as “all in” ?...If not what do you thing is their perception of you?
5.     What do you feel is a “justifiable expectation” your clients should have of you as their REALTOR?
6.     Are your clients getting their monies worth when you are not “all in”?

Think of your talents, skills, energy, and knowledge as your “poker chips”….and your situation with each client you work with is your hand of cards…the hand you are dealt if you will. 

Are you just pushing in a few chips every hand… going through the motions….just getting by?... Or are you giving all you have by going all in to each and every hand you are dealt?


1.     Being consistent with your prospecting activities and communication with your clients
2.     Building relationships based on trust and care
3.     Becoming an attentive listener… but also paying attention to what is not being said as well. Tip: Ask your clients what they didn’t like about their last real estate transaction… people are more likely to be open and honest about the things which caused them stress than they are the things which went smoothly.
4.     Be respectful of others time.
5.     Stay Motivated…. And learn to recognize when you are not.
6.     Manage your emotions during the transaction… become the calming force.
7.     Find balance in your personal life… take time for yourself, family, and friends.
8.     Celebrate your successes!

Productivity is never by accident… It is most always the combined result of commitment to excellence, business planning, and focused effort.  Or in other words… Success doesn’t “just happen”… you must plan for it.

Make your real estate business an awesome place to work… remember YOU are the boss of YOU!

Eddie Brown