Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Frequently Do You Communicate With Your Clients?

Most Associates think the main complaint clients have is Real Estate Agents make too much money…
When in reality, the number one complaint most Managers deal with is the Client perception of the agents being poor communicators.

When representing a Seller client, discover how often and in what form your client wants to receive communication from you …How you ask? By first laying out your game plan to include your communication schedules …then ask if they are OK with the frequency and methods.
If you are not making contact on the client’s perceived time frames, and providing an update on the process of the sale or purchase, you risk a poor relationship with them. If their time frames are unreasonable, then by educating them from the beginning you can explain in advance why your schedule is more reasonable …after the fact the damage has already been done.
Showing Agent Feedback:
Listing Agents seem to always be frustrated by Buyers Agents who are slow to give feedback (or never give feedback) after a showing. Let the Seller know up-front how this will occur and how you will not receive feedback on every showing …That’s reality and just the way it is …
Advice to Buyers Agents …leave feedback, even if it is just constructive criticism …it’s the professional thing to do!
Also let the Seller know when you will be providing the feedback obtained, will it be as soon as received or once/twice per week? I personally prefer a once a week meeting with the Seller to discuss feedback, market conditions and pricing. It’s also a good time to ask if they have heard of anyone considering selling or buying a home. (Remember the Reticular Activator?)
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