Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do You Have a Ticket for The Energy Bus?

 E + P(r) = O
I am sure most of you are scratching your head and thinking…"is this a math 
quiz”? No worries…This is Coaching 101... I was terrible in Algebra.

In this apparently mathematical equation E represents “Event”, or the thing which occurs or happens in your life. An average person encounters approximately 36 “events” each day …or about one every 30 minutes that you are awake. (An active REALTOR encounters almost twice the events as an average person). Every event has a different set of circumstances, or a different set of people involved, and/or a different set of perceptions, which brings us to the “P” in the equation.

P represents “Perception”. As mentioned… every event will experience all parties involved forming opinions and perceptions about what they heard, saw, felt, smelled, tasted, etc… And more often than not, our perceptions will determine our responses… hence the “(r)” in the equation.  Ultimately every response we make will likely lead to a whole new set of perceptions and alternative responses…some may choose to respond positively while some may choose to be negative. No matter which response you choose your respond will determine the outcome of the event… Outcome represents the “O” in the equation.

The Event + Perceptions x a positive or negative Response = Outcome of the Event.

We learned of this complex equation at a CMLS Conference the TMLS Board of Directors attended in Boston last week. It comes from a book written by Jon Gordon titled “The Energy Bus”

A positive response will equal a positive outcome is what Mr. Gordon told the attendees. He stated Optimism is a competitive edge and that we need to slow down and learn to be master communicators… He believes when there is a void in communication negativity will fill it. I have seen this happen far too often when one agent in a transaction fails to communicate effectively and the other agent become suspicious and negative. In fact you may have been in a situation where you experienced your own negative thoughts filling the void left by poor or the lack of communication.

Communication builds trust…trust builds commitment and commitment forms a team environment. A team environment fosters a winning attitude. How often have you said to a client “we will need to work as a team to meet your goals”? A team that stays positive together wins together.

To learn more about how this formula can change your life we suggest you read Jon Gordon’s book The Energy Bus which can be found at the following link  (

Care about your clients…Be Positively Contagious… and become a great
Communicator and then watch out for positive outcomes coming your way!

This book will be the subject of our Brier Creek Book Club for October…for info on how to join in email

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