Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fire... Ready... Aim?

Fire… Ready… Aim

We have all heard the term Ready… Aim…Fire! But sometimes you may need to Fire… Ready…Aim.

  • ·      Too often we get stalled in the “Ready” position… I call this “getting ready, to get ready, to be ready, to sell real estate” …
  • ·      Sometimes the best of ideas are left on the cutting room floor due to taking too much time in the ready stage. “Analyses Paralysis” can cripple a great plan… Don’t let “perfectionism” get in the way of good enough for now….

Taking action is the key:

  • ·      Some highly successful people became that way by making strategic decisions (pulling the trigger) quickly and getting ahead of the competition. Then they tweak the system along the way to perfect it… essentially by-passing the ready-aim altogether.
  • ·      With this method you must take initial rejection as helpful feedback to help improve your processes.
  • ·      Maintain a clear vision of your goals for taking action… (Where do I want to go and how am I going to get there?)

The Shift to Ready… Aim…. Fire:

  • ·      Once you have your momentum and a clear direction if your plan is working… or not…. you can then make the shift to Ready… Aim… Fire.
  • ·      Vision… Goals… Action… Start with the end in mind

If your real estate business is floundering, it may be from lack of action. Try the Fire, Ready, Aim approach to shake things up a bit.

Eddie Brown 2019  www.eddiebrown.com