Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Most Do in 12 Months!

The theory behind the 12 week cycle is periodization… 

A concept when you focus intensely on income producing activities (IPA’s) for a 12 week period …then you take a 7 day break for rest and recovery before moving on to the next cycle.

Setting 12 week goals will help you focus then reward your hard work with a 7 day “vacation” before restarting the cycle with renewed focus.

How to get started:
  •       To change your actions you have to change your thinking. Think shorter term, set fewer obtainable goals, and then plan your reward if you reach them. One reason few people reach their goals is they think too long term… they lose focus… they start to procrastinate, then they give up.
  •      Put it all in writing… “What gets written…gets done”. Nothing is achieved without a clear vision, planning, process control, measurement, and proper time and energy management.
  •    Stay Accountable to yourself… Accountability is not about “consequences” it is about taking ownership for your actions. There is always a choice to be made… think of your daily IPA’s as an action of choice rather than a burden and it will create a feeling of empowerment.
  •      Commitment… You must have a strong desire to reach the goals you set in order to achieve them. Unless commitment is made you have only empty hopes and dreams. The thought of a 12 week sprint is easier to commit to than a 12 month marathon.
  •     Self-Improvement… Focus on improving one skill or habit for each 12 week period… ONLY ONE!  This will allow you to put laser focus on the self-improvement upgrade.
  •      Relationship Improvement: Select 12 business contacts during each cycle and focus on improving your relationship with each of them during the cycle.  Lunches, Coffee, Cocktails, etc. show them you care first… the referrals will follow later.

Put the power of focus to work in your business… Start designing your plans for 2018 now!