Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving is Time for Family

Today’s blog will have nothing to do with Real Estate… but everything to do with Prospecting and Networking... I wanted to talk to you today about Family. Speaking from personal experience I can say...  nothing is more valuable than Family…especially if you have ever been faced with losing it. Unfortunately... sometimes it takes being faced with a crisis for a person to see what the really important things are in their life… an awakening of sorts.

As we approach the Holiday Season, my coaching tip for you is to block abundant time to prospect and network with the ones you love the most. Hold them close, listen to them with intent, be honest, and make sure that every day they know how much you care for them. Don’t be fooled (and a fool) and wake up one day to the harsh realization you have placed your focus and attention in the wrong arena.  

This week is Thanksgiving week... so I give thanks for my family and the ones that I love. I give my prayers for those who are away from their families in our military... and I hope you and your Family have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
To my Family... I love you all... and my solemn vow is to make and keep you the center of my every thought...every day...every minute...every second that I live...So help me God!

Please read and share the below poem with your family this week and show them how much you care…remember sometimes it is the little things that matter the most.  –Eddie Brown- Thanksgiving 2012

A Family Is Like
© Nicole M. O'Neil

A Family is like a circle
the connection never ends,
and even if at times it breaks
in time it always mends.

A family is like the stars
somehow there always there,
families are those who help
who support and always care.

A Family is like a book
the endings never clear,
but through the pages of the book
their love is always near.

A family is many things
with endless words that show,
who they are and what they do
and how they teach you so you know.

But don’t be weary if it's broken
or if through time it’s been so worn,
families are like that-
they're split up and sometimes torn.

But even if this happens
your family will always be,
they help define just who you are
and become a part of you eternally.

Source: A Family Is Like a Circle, Poem about Family http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-family-is-like-a-circle#ixzz2ClxwSw28

Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 Ways To Makeover Your Business Finances

Getting your finances in order is critical to your business. It can mean the difference between success and failure.


What is the most important thing to you? Foremost it needs to be “Faith & Family”, but in  your business... the thing which is most important to you, captures your energy and attention, and you become influenced by it when making your daily choices. Plus you are more likely to become committed to whatever processes it requires to achieve success.


The first step to building a strong financial foundation is to take control of your finances.



Real Estate Professionals often have to wait several months between commission checks, Many agents must rely on debt to finance their lives during the “dry-spells”…don’t fall into this trap! Instead, increase your activity in order to fill your pipeline and soon you will bridge the gap in the time lag between pay days…

1. Increase the amount of calls you make

2. Write more personal notes

3. Do more face to face visits, schedule one lunch with a referral source per week


Assess your current financial habits to see where you can improve. Make a list…in the left column place your good habits and in the right your bad. Be Honest!

Once you have your naughty and nice list; analyze what these habits are telling you about what you value. What are your attitudes towards money? Do you have an I’ll spend it and then add up the total later mentality? If so, it may be hard for you to ever get ahead…Small steps of improvement each day with your habits will get you closer to your goals.


Always write down what you spend when you spend… You have to keep track or you will become “over-drawn” and lost in a financial black hole.

Write down your fixed monthly expenses… These are the checks you write each month were there is no “wiggle-room” ie: Mortgage, Car Payment etc.

Make savings automatic…Commit to putting something, no matter how small, away each month. The amount is not important…the habit of saving is.

Manage your incidental expenses…These are the expense you choose to take on, entertainment clothing, eating out, etc. If you are not sure how much you typically spend, take 3 months of expenses and add up what you spend on incidentials…divide by three and then you have an average amount to factor into your budget.

Finally, Don’t starve your business of money… If money is tight, make cuts to your personal budget before you cut your business budget…For example, instead of cutting out postage costs for personal notes…consider making cuts to your entertainment budget instead.

Your spending plan is your lifestyle written down economically! Grab hold of your finances and control them before they control you!!!!

Eddie Brown 2012