Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Skills of a Successful Agent

Skill sets are very important to your level of success... in your chosen field. Labron James did not make it to where he is in the NBA on good looks alone… He has a particular set of skills which have taken him to the top of his game.

Below are Five Skills a REALTOR must have to be successful:

1.     Promotes Constantly: This one is the most important of the five (The reason for the #1 beside it!) You can get the other 4 wrong, but if you get this one right you will have some level of success. This skill needs to become a priority #1 habit…just like brushing your teeth. Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth for a day, not much would happen, even after two or three days the only real negative would be short term bad breath. But go for two – three- or four weeks without good oral hygiene and bad things, (with long term effects), will start to happen. This is what happens to your business when you stop promoting yourself and your business…BAD THINGS HAPPEN!

2.     Builds Relationships: Now you are percolating…you are promoting and you are building relationships! You now have the start of a successful long term business in real estate. You don’t promote just to promote…you promote to help you build relationships. If you just make a sale… you just make one commission... When you build relationships you build a referral network and a future income stream. 

3.     Provides Value: In today’s world EVERYTHING is about providing value! The modern consumer wants value and this is one of the best ways to build a relationship… by providing something a person regards as “valuable”. 

4.     Sells “Skillfully”:  A true professional serves their clients by “selling” with skill and integrity… Almost every profession has a bit of “sales” in it. You have to be able to sell… In real estate nothing happens without a “sale” occurring…be skillful in your approach and don’t use cheesy old lines the consumer can spot a mile away… Honestly, with the Highest Integrity, and Skillfully sell your services to your clients. 

5.     Serves Meticulously:  Meet, and exceed, the needs of each and every client. Take care of every detail in a professional manner… all the while providing value. Then when you ask for the referral, you will get them… why??? Because you earned them!
Stay Focused on the Things Which Matter in Your Business and Your Life!
Eddie Brown ©2014