Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don't Hit The "Snooze Button" in December!

Whether you realize it or not, you are already in 2013…most every transaction you write from Thanksgiving to New Year’s will carry over into next year and become 2013 business.  

I overheard someone say the other day…”I can’t wait for this year to be over and done with”…I thought to myself… “Well for them, it pretty much is already over”... and I bet in December of 2013 they will be saying the saying thing again! Winston Churchill said “Those who fail to learn from histories lessons are doomed to repeat histories failures”… My guess is this person hasn't learned this lesson yet!

December is the perfect time for you to begin thinking about your 2013 business. Below are several tips to help you to get a head start on 2013 and creation of new business and/or personal goals.

·        Use December as a time of reflection:  Make a list of everything you achieved in 2012 no matter how small…what were some special things you did for clients you feel really made a difference? What would you do differently if you could do it over again?

·        Analyze the goals you struggle with: What goals do you set every year only to struggle with them and never quite get there? Try and discover the underlying hidden reason for your struggle…maybe you just aren’t ready to reach that particular goal yet. But if you really want it keep trying. A real goal has to be a stretch…it has to take you to a place you’ve never been before…if it doesn’t…then it just becomes an item on a “to do” list! Don’t be so concerned about failing…The late Zig Ziglar  (www.ziglar.com) once said “Failure is not a person…It’s an event”… If it doesn’t kill you…learn from it…it will only make you stronger!

·        Remember where you came from:  Days are long but the years are short! And when you forget you tend to lose perspective. As our two girls were growing up I first said I would be so glad when they got out of diapers…then it was past those “terrible twos”…then the dreaded awkward early teen years…then will they ever get their license…at the time those days seemed so long…but it only seems like yesterday when I was holding them as tiny bundles of joy in my arms as they slept. Kenny Chesney sings a song…Don’t Blink…Life goes by faster than you think…Don’t Blink! The older you get the faster the clock turns…

·        Reorganize your business for 2013: Clean your desk…sort some files…de-clutter…Someone once said “Clutter is the physical manifestation of fear that cripples your ability to grow”. Ever watch the TV show “Hoarders”…Clutter takes over people’s lives, and their “stuff” starts to overpower emotions...making it impossible to make sound decisions. When you accumulate too much “stuff” it can clog your business mind as well. The fewer distractions you have… the more you are able to focus on the things that matter the most to you. 

·        Things to include in your 2013 goals: How many personal referrals do you want to receive? How many personal notes do you want to send per week? How many daily phone calls to your Book of Business (B.o.B.)? How many lunches per week with past clients? How much do you want to increase your average sale and list price? (which by the way, is the easiest way to make more money in 2013 without increasing your workload) Don’t just focus your goals on numbers of closed transactions, but add in the activities which get you there. Base your goals on what is most important to you and you will be more likely to achieve them. 

·        Set short , midrange, and long-term goals: In coaching we try to use a simple system of 2’s for goal setting - Today… 2 day…2 week…2 month…and 2 year goal setting ...And If things change… goals are meant to be amended… they are YOUR goals! It’s always OK to perform a “do-over” when it comes to goals. It’s also OK to reward yourself along the way as you hit a goal…no matter how small.  

Good goals will help you find a true balance in your life, revise them as necessary, take failures in stride, and once you’ve accomplished your goal celebrate! 

If you want to learn how to double your income in 2013 …personalized one on one coaching can help you reach your goals. Email Coach@ICU-Coaching.com to learn more about how to get started in a program designed just for you and your business. 

Eddie Brown – 04 December 2012