Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When It Comes To Opportunity… Abundance is The Key!

As a Real Estate Professional how do we best learn to recognize, and more importantly take advantage, of today’s opportunities? In our opinion there is nothing more vital than an “abundance mentality”.
With abundance mentality there will always be enough business for those willing to work hard and do the right things to seize their fair share.

Most buyers and sellers find the whole real estate experience frightening…everyday there are hundreds of people in our area who are contemplating moving but are afraid of what they’ll have to go through to get there. Our job…if we want to be successful… is to find a way to make it easier for buyers to buy… and sellers to sell… and to do business with us!
Anything we can do to make the entire process less menacing will help to bring clients into the market that may have been held back by fear.

The number one way to minimize or erase fear is through education of your clients. The more they understand the reality of the challenges and benefits of home ownership… the less intimidating it can become. Create “IOV’s” (items of value) for marketing pieces which explain the real estate transaction process creating awareness and realistic expectations.
Another important step is to provide a road map upfront of how ongoing communication during the process will keep them informed…the informed will be less fearful!

Analyze every aspect of your client care systems and identify areas which may need improvement… becoming more efficient will lead to being more effective when it comes to making…and keeping your clients happy. Remember: A Happy Client is a Referring Client!
You must be better than your competition when helping your clients make sound buying and selling decisions…This is the most potent way we know to grow your real estate success. Why waste energy worrying about your lack of business… when instead you can adopt the abundance mentality and focus on how you can start making it easier for people to do business with you.   
Happy Thanksgiving !

Eddie Brown©2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Seven Levels of Lead Generation

Have you ever thought about all the diverse areas you generate business from and the effectiveness of each area or level? We have created a chart which we feel shows different levels of lead generation and a way to better understand the “flow” of leads into your business.

Starting with Level One: Broad based internet and email marketing. Many agents pay a service to “drip-email” newsletters or other information to a list of names…or they may pay or sites like Trulia or Zillow for leads….as you can see from the chart this is the widest base…these activities sometimes generate a lot of cold leads for your business. You just have to understand… your time is valuable and chasing cold internet leads takes up a big chunk of your time.

Level Two has a little less broad base and the leads you get from your personal website or social media may tend to be a little “warmer” lead. These are people who have clicked on your site for a reason…either they know you or want and have a reason to do business with you.

Level Three narrows the leads down even further…Phone-Duty, Open House and Sign Calls are prospective clients who have jumped off the internet train and are willing to get a little more personal and in your face. These leads require you to personally answer the phone or get face to face enabling you to start the relationship building process.

Level Four are people who you know either want to sell or wanted to sell at one time…your goal here is to determine if they still want to sell, and to discover the real reason (or reasons) the property hasn’t sold.

Level Five is your Book of Business and should be where you are generating the highest quality leads for your business, these are coming from people who know, like, and trust you, and have a high percentage close rate. Leads from this source should have a 70% close rate.

Level Six is the most important level if you want to grow your business. What system(s) do you use to stay in constant contact with the leads you generate from each proceeding level? Do you even have a system? If not, you are missing out on a huge portion of your business. You cannot effectively manage a database over 10-12 in your head. Don’t let quality buyers and sellers slip through the cracks and off to another agent due to your lack of a database management system.

Level Seven is the transaction level… Don’t forget the reticular activator! ( ). While in a transaction is the best time to ask your clients for referrals. This is the period clients are the most “in-tune” with real estate and others who are also in the process.

I hope you will be able to use this info to effectively and efficiently funnel new quality leads into your business and to generate a higher income for the months ahead!

Have you written a hand written note today?
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Monday, November 4, 2013

The 10 Minute Push©

Can 10 Minutes a Day Make a Difference?

What is 10 minutes?
·        16.66% of an hour
·        2% of an 8 hour work day
·        .67% of a 24 hour day

What if you could take 2% of your work day and turn it into $30,000 in yearly income? How important would those 10 minutes become to you?... Important enough to spend the next 5 minutes reading this article?

How The Daily 10 Minute Push© Can Create up to $30k in Additional Income Each Year.

The 10 Minute Push is all about effective and efficient contact of the people most likely to send you business.

The first step is to be organized…OK, I know 50% of those of you who decided to read this gave up at the word “organized”. But if you only have ten minutes… it has to be spent uber efficiently. Organizing activities in advance you will perform during your 10 Minute Push is critical…what do you want to accomplish and who do you want to accomplish it through.

Focusing on the right people to contact is critical step #2 to realize the full affect of The 10 Minute Push’s success ratios…and knowing what information each contact will be receptive to is just as important…

This is where having built long term relationships will be useful. What sports teams do they like, what are their hobbies, favorite restaurants or foods, children’s activities, etc.  Utilize all this info to garner attention for your contact and make them want to hear what you have to say.

The 10 Minute Push System:

Set aside 10 minutes every day to contact as many people as you can within the given time limit… Set the alarm on your cell phone for 10 minutes and begin to make the contacts…

Every day is a different type of contact…example: Monday for Phone calls, Tuesdays would be for Hand Written Notes, Wednesday could be for Items of Value, Thursdays could be a quick 10 minute face-to-face visit…etc.

Start with the people who you have neglected the longest first…until you work through your entire list of past clients, friends, family, associates, prospects, and suspects.

Track your activities so your next contact type will be different to each individual …example: if you called them the first contact, you may want to follow-up with a hand written note next, then an Item of Value for the third time you contact them.

The Results:

Just imagine if you did this every day for a year…and you averaged getting 1 referral per week or 52 total referrals…if you only converted 25% of the referrals (which is a low estimate) you would write 13 offers…allowing for 1 fall through, you would net 12 additional closing in 12 months. If you average $2500 per closing you would get an additional $30,000 in income for 10 minutes per day. So if you knew that spending 10 minutes of your day “pushing” would net you an extra $30k would you do it? The better question is… why wouldn’t you?


Eddie Brown ©2013