Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Listing Season Marketing Prep.

2018 Listing Season Prep

Below are a few things you can do to get a jump-start on the 2018 Listing Season.

1. Go through past client list:  Contact anyone who purchased a home with you and send a current market value report comparing current market value to their purchase price… send report and then make a call 2-3 days later to ask if they have questions.

Discovery Items: 
Are they in a position to want/need to sell?
Do they know anyone who is considering buying/selling this year?

2. Look at neighborhoods where you sold homes in 2017… go to Real List and send an offer for a free Market Value Report for those who have lived in their home for 5 or more years… Use the verbiage “I have experience in your neighborhood” and how inventories are low and now is a great time to get top dollar for their property.

3. Book of Business marketing.  Send a “No Obligation” Market Value Report Certificate to your non past-client BoB.  Asking them to give to a friend who may be considering selling their home in 2018. Include your “value proposition” as a listing agent brochure as well. Maybe add a piece on preparing your home to sell.

4. Word of mouth… Talk about listings when in groups… become the expert on market conditions. Low inventory means higher returns for sellers. Ask if they know of anyone considering selling in 2018.

5. Fine tune your listing presentation… Become one with it… if you don’t feel comfortable presenting… it will be uncomfortable for your audience. (the sellers)
Your performance in front of sellers will leave a lasting impression... make it a good one!

Eddie Brown ©2018